What Questions should I ask a Mobile Dj?

Finding the right mobile disco dj for your party

If you are looking to book a mobile disco hire for the first time and not sure what to ask or what maybe important then here is a 30 question guide.

There are some importatnt questions or things to consider asking if you are booking a mobile dj, In no particular order here are some questions to consider.

  1. What does you equipment setup look like ?

  2. Does it look good ?

  3. Does it look reliable ?

  4. How much experience does the dj have ?

  5. What music is the Dj able to play ?

  6. Can I choose suggestions for the playlist ?

  7. Can my guests choose requests ?

  8. Do they have PAT Test certificates ?

  9. Are you insured for public liability ?

  10. Can they offer any additional services ?

  11. How long will it take to setup ?

  12. What time will you arrive ?

  13. What does the Dj wear at the event ?

  14. Do you have backup equipment ?

  15. Do I have to pay a deposit ?

  16. When is the balance of payment due ?

  17. Can I pay cash on the day ?

  18. Are you competant using a microphone for announcements ?

  19. Do you have any other relevant qualifications or experience ?

  20. How many bookings have you done in the last year ?

  21. Do you work alone or have someone with you ?

  22. What happens if you are sick and can't attend ?

  23. Can you suggest other things to make our party better ?

  24. Do you offer any additional services ?

  25. Are you able to do Karaoke ?

  26. Are you able to compare some games ?

  27. Can you entertain children ?

  28. Can you mix tracks like a nightclub dj ?

  29. How much talking on the mic do you do ?

  30. Do you drink or smoke whilst working?

Whether you are looking to book a mobile disco worcestershire,, wedding dj birmingham or wedding dj worcestershire then feel free to ask you ant questions you may have.