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A Fairytale Wedding at Arley House and Gardens

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Arriving at Arley House: A First Impression


On my recent venture as the wedding DJ at Arley House and Gardens, I was greeted by a harmonious scene of guests indulging in the delights of their main course. My early arrival provided me with the golden opportunity to wander through the breathtaking landscapes of Arley House and Gardens. Nestled in Arley, Worcestershire, this exclusive wedding venue is a pristine gem set amidst the lush embrace of Arley Arboretum.


The venue radiates elegance through ornate stonework, polished wooden flooring, and meticulously curated interiors. The custom-designed wedding facility boasts a chic reception room, a classic snooker room, an upscale bar, a cosy lounge, and gardens that come alive with twinkling lights as dusk sets in.

Seamless Integration: Built-in Sound Systems


One of the distinctive features of Arley House is its state-of-the-art Bose sound system. As a wedding DJ, this eradicates the need to carry a separate sound system. The clarity of the audio ensures that when a heart-touching wedding song fills the air, it resonates in every corner of the venue - from the central reception hall, winding corridors, and tranquil gardens to even the most private spaces.


A beautifully curated wedding playlist can elevate the experience. The ambience of a wedding is only further accentuated when couples invest time in selecting a repertoire that genuinely resonates with their journey.

Traditional Charm Meets Modern Luxury


Adjacent to Arley House stands the serene St Peters village church. For couples aspiring for a traditional touch, this church offers an idyllic setting for a ceremony, complemented by the contemporary luxury of Arley House for the celebration.


Setting the Evening Stage


After the delightful wedding breakfast and memorable speeches, I set the stage for the evening. With the venue's in-built sound system at my disposal, my focus shifted to crafting a visual ambience. My setup embraced the venue's aesthetic with a starlet white DJ booth, elegant white stands, mesmerising Gobo lights, and dynamic LED sticks.


Soon after, the newlyweds began their life with their first dance to the romantic tune of Arctic Monkeys' "Baby I'm Yours".

The Power of a Perfect Playlist


My guiding star was the couple's curated song list, encompassing genres like R&B, Pop, House, Dance, and timeless classics. Our advanced playlist event planner system is a boon for couples, allowing them to define their preferred tracks and special requests and even enable guest song suggestions.


What sets our system apart is the control it offers to the couple. They can oversee the playlist, vet guest requests and ensure the night's music reflects their union.

The Arley House Experience


The unmatched dedication Arley House and Gardens demonstrate towards ensuring perfection is commendable. Their attention to detail and superior client service make them an absolute delight to collaborate. Having had the privilege to be their preferred supplier, offering services ranging from wedding discos dance floors to photo booths and flower walls, I can vouch for their unparalleled quality.


Arley House and Gardens should be at the top of your list for those searching for a magical wedding venue in Worcestershire. Their regular open days and guided tours provide a sneak peek into what could be the backdrop for your dream wedding.



Capturing Timeless Moments


Arley's stunning landscapes, including the enchanting Arley Arboretum and the Italian garden, are perfect canvases for wedding photographers—the blend of nature and architecture crafts scenes that remain etched in memories forever.


Arley House and Gardens is not just a venue; it's an experience. This is the place for every couple envisioning a wedding that intertwines tradition with modern luxury. Let the magic of Arley make your special day a chapter you'll cherish for eternity.

Your Dream Wedding at Arley House with Our Exclusive DJ and Photo Booth Services


At Arley House and Gardens, every corner whispers tales of timeless love and unforgettable celebrations. To elevate these tales, we present our unparalleled Wedding DJ and Photo Booth services, tailored exclusively for the grandeur of Arley.


Elevate Your Arley Experience

When you choose Arley House as your wedding venue, you're selecting an ambience steeped in elegance and history. Our Wedding DJ Services are crafted to mirror this sentiment. With our vast experience at this venue, we understand the acoustic nuances and the diverse audience. Whether it's a classic ballad that tugs at the heartstrings or a contemporary beat that gets everyone on the dance floor, our DJs ensure that the music becomes the soul of your celebration.


Step Inside and Capture Memories

Our Photo Booth at Arley House is a traditional oval sanctuary where guests can step in, strike a pose, and capture their joyous moments. Designed to offer an intimate yet fun experience, our photo booth becomes an attraction in itself. With a variety of props and the elegant aura of Arley, each photo turns into a cherished memento.



Why Choose Our Services at Arley House?

  • Tailored Playlists: Our advanced playlist planner allows you to curate a song list that mirrors your love story.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: From crystal-clear sound systems to our classic oval photo booth, we ensure quality at every step.

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team has been a part of numerous weddings at Arley House, making us adept at understanding and delivering as per the venue's uniqueness.


Your Dream, Our Promise

Every couple dreams of a wedding that's both personal and unique. At Arley House and Gardens, let us be the silent orchestrators behind the scenes, ensuring your celebration is nothing short of perfection.


Ready to make your Arley House wedding an unforgettable affair?


Connect with us today and let's craft a musical and visual symphony for your special day.


Your dream Arley wedding deserves nothing but the best, and we're here to deliver just that. Contact Us Now.

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