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Premium Wedding DJ Hire in Worcestershire | Blue Diamond Entertainment

Worcestershire Wedding Dj Services

Welcome to Blue Diamond Entertainment, where your search for the perfect wedding DJ in Worcestershire culminates in an unforgettable celebration of love and music. Specialising in creating an atmosphere that resonates with the joy of your big day, we offer a range of professional wedding DJ packages designed to make every moment, from the first dance to the last song, truly extraordinary.


Whether you envision a night filled with the timeless elegance of a sax and DJ wedding collaboration or seek a bespoke DJ wedding playlist that echoes your unique love story, we've tailored our services to meet the highest expectations. With Blue Diamond Entertainment, every beat of your wedding will be in perfect harmony with your dreams.

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Why Choose Blue Diamond for Your Worcestershire Wedding DJ



Our dedication to providing an unparalleled wedding DJ experience is unmatched at Blue Diamond Entertainment. As the heartbeat of your wedding reception, we pride ourselves on our ability to play music and craft an atmosphere that captures the essence of your celebration.


Expertise and Experience


Our talented wedding DJs, led by the renowned Paul Hickey, bring a rich tapestry of musical understanding to your wedding. With years of experience energising dance floors across Worcestershire and beyond, we specialise in turning your wedding reception into the highlight of your special day. Our team has a dynamic range of musical prowess that spans genres and eras, ensuring that your guests' dancing shoes are used well.


Personalised Music Curation


Understanding that each couple is unique, we collaborate closely with you to create bespoke playlists of songs that reflect your taste and wedding theme. From the sultry sounds of a saxophone accompanying the DJ to a lively set filled with pop, rock, funk, and house – we cater to your eclectic mix of favourites. Whether you adore the classics or crave a modern beat, our DJs have the skill to transition seamlessly through genres, keeping the vibe alive and the dance floor bustling.


State-of-the-Art Equipment


The right professional wedding DJ with sound and lighting equipment transforms a party into an event. That's why we invest in the highest quality sound systems and lighting equipment, ensuring that every note is crisp and every corner of your venue is bathed in ambient light. And for those events seeking a truly unique touch, add sax or live percussion to your DJ set for a multi-sensory experience.

Wedding Reception Testimonials


Don't just take our word for it. Our track record of success is echoed in the voices of countless happy couples and guests. With glowing reviews and a portfolio of amazing nights, we've established ourselves as the UK's best wedding bands and DJs. We are committed to making your wedding an event to remember.



Ready to start planning the soundtrack to your wedding day? Contact us to discuss your musical tastes and our wedding DJ packages, and let's create a symphony of memories together.

Tailored Wedding DJ Packages in the West Midlands


Discover the perfect soundtrack for every chapter of your wedding with our versatile DJ packages. Blue Diamond Entertainment has curated options for wedding DJ cost and style preferences.

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The Stylish Evening Wedding DJs Package

You can transform your evening reception into a one-night-long show of joyful celebration. Our Stylish Evening Wedding DJ Package offers the perfect blend of charisma and professionalism that keeps your guests dancing till the midnight chimes. This package includes:

- A professional DJ with years of experience.

- A carefully crafted playlist tailored to your preferences, from the first dance to the final encore.

- High-quality sound system and dynamic lighting to set the perfect mood.

- Service duration typically from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Premium Evening
Wedding DJ Package

Elevate your evening entertainment with the Premium Evening Wedding DJ Package. This deluxe offering includes all the benefits of the Stylish Evening Package, plus:


- A luxurious starlit dance floor to dazzle your guests.

- Colour-matched room up-lighting for an immersive atmosphere.

- An option to add sax or live musicians for an unforgettable musical experience.

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All Day & Evening
Wedding DJ Package

Professional Wedding Dj - Stanbrook Abbe

For those who want the exquisite Blue Diamond touch from dawn till dusk, our All-Day & Evening Wedding DJ Package provides comprehensive coverage. This all-inclusive package features:


- Background music played during the wedding breakfast to set an elegant tone.

- Microphones for speeches and announcements.

- Full evening DJ set with our premier sound and lighting equipment.

- A personalised, interactive approach to engage and entertain guests from the wedding breakfast to the last dance.

Each package is designed to create the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Could you learn more about our weddings and packages or speak to us for a bespoke service tailored just for you?

Enhance Your Wedding Day with Our Exclusive Add-ons


At Blue Diamond Entertainment, we believe in creating a seamless and sensational wedding experience. Beyond our exceptional DJ services, we offer a suite of add-ons to complete your wedding day.


Dance Floor Magic - Dancing on Clouds


Please make your first dance an ethereal moment with our Dancing on Clouds service. Utilising a state-of-the-art dry ice machine, we create a heavenly effect that makes it seem like you are dancing among the clouds, offering a magical photo opportunity and an experience your guests will never forget.



Photo Booth Fun - Capture the Joy

Bring laughter and keepsakes to your wedding with our Photo Booth Hire. Our high-quality booths are packed with fun props and backgrounds, ensuring your guests leave with a snapshot of the joyous occasion.



Flower Wall Elegance - A Perfect Backdrop

Add a touch of floral finesse with our Luxury Flower Wall Hire. These stunning walls provide an exquisite backdrop for photos and add an element of romance to any wedding venue.



Lighting & Visuals - Set the Atmosphere

Our Room Up-lighting and Personalised Monogram Projections offer a transformative touch to your venue, aligning the aesthetics with your wedding theme and colour palette. From soft, romantic hues to vibrant energy, our lighting solutions create the perfect atmosphere.



Silent Disco - Dance the Night Away in Style

Please look at our Silent Disco option for a unique twist on traditional wedding entertainment. This fun alternative allows guests to dance to various music channels through headphones, offering an unforgettable night of diverse tunes.



Live Music Fusion - Add Sax or Live Percussion

Elevate the auditory experience at corporate events by adding live musicians like saxophonists or percussionists to accompany our talented DJs. This blend of live and electronic music brings a dynamic energy that is sophisticated and spirited.


Ready to amplify the excitement and beauty of your wedding day?


Explore our add-ons and tailor the perfect wedding disco entertainment package for your celebration.

Wedding Dj Mythe Barns

Dancing on Clouds

Create the romantic first dance ever with our Dry Ice Hire Dancing on clouds service.

Worcestershire Photo Booth Hire

Photo Booth Hire

Photo Booth Hire for your Wedding, Party or Event,

Brockencote Hall,  Illuminated LOVE Lett

Love Letter Hire

4ft Illuminated Letters to Hire for Weddings, Prom and Parties.

Ettington Park Wedding DJ

Mobile Disco DJ

Mobile Disco and Dj HIre for your Party, Prom or Corporate Event

Worcestershire Flower Wall Hire

Flower Wall Hire

Luxury Flower Wall Hire for your Wedding, Party or Event

Worcestershire Wedding Planning

Wedding DJ

Professional Wedding Mobile Disco Dj Hire for your special day.

Celebrated Moments with Blue Diamond - Testimonials



Your wedding deserves the acclaim of a fairytale, and at Blue Diamond Entertainment, we have the perfect way to turn those dreams into reality. Don't just take our word for it — hear it from our delighted couples and their guests.


Real Stories from Happily Married Couples

"We couldn't have asked for a better wedding DJ! The dancefloor floor was never empty, and the sax and DJ combo was a hit for all ages. Thank you for making our night so special!" – Rebecca & Tom, Worcestershire.


"The lighting, the music, the atmosphere... it was all perfect. Our talented DJ, Ollie Clarke, knew exactly what to play and when. Our guests are still discussing the fantastic evening reception!" – Alisha & Marcus, Birmingham.


"Our wedding day blended traditions and cultures, and Blue Diamond Entertainment handled it with finesse. The eclectic mix of music had everyone dancing until the wee hours!" – Sunita & Chris, West Midlands.

Your dream Wedding is Just a Beat Away.


Whether it's the heartwarming tunes during your wedding breakfast or the full-on party vibe for your evening reception, our professional DJs ensure a bespoke soundtrack tailored just for you. Every wedding DJ package promises celebration, energy, and the perfect blend of your favourite hits.


Are you ready to create the soundtrack of your dreams and ensure your guests have the night of their lives?


Contact us today to learn more about booking our wedding DJ services, discuss your requirements, and get the best wedding DJ in Worcestershire for your big day. Let's make your wedding a day filled with love, laughter, and music that resonates with every step you take together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wedding DJ Services


What areas do you cover for wedding DJ services?

We specialise in bringing the best wedding DJ experience to Worcestershire and the surrounding areas, including Birmingham, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, and the wider West Midlands region. Whether you're searching for a 'wedding DJ near me' or need a professional DJ for your destination wedding in these locales, we're ready to make your celebration unforgettable.


How do I choose the right wedding DJ package for my needs?

Choosing the right DJ package for your wedding can depend on various factors, including your wedding venue, the number of guests, your musical tastes, and any additional entertainment you desire. We offer a range of wedding DJ packages, from stylish evening entertainment to all-day services. We also provide personalised consultations to ensure we tailor the experience to your specific celebration.


Can I customise my wedding DJ playlist with you?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on creating bespoke playlists that reflect your unique style and preferences. From your romantic first dance to a lively set that gets all your guests on the dance floor, we ensure the music is as you envision. Please tell us your must-have tunes, preferred genres, and even the songs you don’t want to hear, and we’ll craft the perfect playlist.


What is the average wedding DJ cost in Worcestershire?

Wedding DJ prices can vary based on the package you select, the date of your event, and any additional services you choose. At Blue Diamond Entertainment, we offer competitive rates and transparent pricing to ensure you receive outstanding value and exceptional quality. Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your special day.


Do you offer unique entertainment options like a sax and DJ wedding package?

We certainly do! Our sax and DJ wedding package is a popular choice for couples looking to add a touch of live music flair to their wedding entertainment. Combining a talented DJ and a live saxophonist creates a sophisticated, vibrant atmosphere that will impress your guests. Please ask us about our DJ and live musicians packages to elevate your wedding experience.

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Wedding DJ
and SAX

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