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Dry Ice Hire for Weddings

Wedding First Dance Dry Ice

As you take to the dancefloor for your first dance, your most special song is playing, your guests are looking with anticipation, mobile phones are in hand, then the DJ lowers the basket full of dry ice pellets into the machine, and Wow, there you have it, a magical bed of low lying clouds filling the dance floor for the most romantic magical first dance ever.

Imagine the photograph framed on your wall, a permanent memory of that special moment. The video below was a clip filmed at the unique Arley House and Gardens Wedding Venue, where we provided a professional wedding DJ service, room up-lighting and dry Ice hire, and dancing on clouds for the first dance. 

Dry Ice Hire

Your wedding guests will be totally surprised by the amazing bed of low-lying fog filling the dance floor. It will be a fantastic memory for your family, friends and guests for years to come.

They will of seen this amazing effect on Tv programs like X Factor but maybe never seen it at a wedding before.

Our dry ice machine is not a fog machine or a cheap smoke machine. It is a professional industry standard machine widely used at concerts, theatres and tv production studios nationwide.

If you are looking for the very best cloud effect then there is no cheap or alternative method other than genuine dry ice blocks or pellets.

Wedding DJ Dancing On Clouds - Professional Wedding DJ Service

First Dance Smoke

Dry Ice is basically, frozen carbon dioxide which when used will not set off fire alarms and is not to be confused with cheap smoke or haze machines offering a dry ice effect. These other machines will set off normal smoke detection in wedding venues and most wedding venues will ban their use.

Wedding DJ Stone Manor Hotel Dancing on Clouds

Dry Ice Machine Hire

Blue Diamond Entertainment can provide you with a dry ice machine, dry ice pellets and a fully trained member of staff for this service. It can be supplied on its own or as part of a wedding package.

We also offer dry ice machine hire for weddings and events.

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