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Eastnor Castle Wedding DJ

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Welcome to our Eastnor Castle Wedding DJ services. If you're planning your dream wedding at this stunning venue, you'll want to ensure every aspect is perfect, including the entertainment. At Blue Diamond Entertainment, we specialise in providing exceptional DJ services tailored to the unique ambience of Eastnor Castle.

With years of experience and a passion for creating memorable weddings, our DJs are skilled at selecting the perfect music to suit the atmosphere and preferences of each couple. Through our meticulous music selection process, we curate playlists that will keep your guests on their feet and create an unforgettable celebration. Our DJs have state-of-the-art equipment and can adapt their style to any genre or theme you desire.

Furthermore, our team has had the privilege of DJing at several remarkable weddings at Eastnor Castle, familiarising us with the space and its acoustics. We know how to make the most of the venue's unique features and can offer valuable suggestions to enhance the overall experience. When you choose our wedding DJ services, you can be confident that your special day will be filled with music, joy, and lasting memories.

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About Eastnor Castle

Eastnor Castle is a breathtaking wedding venue that perfectly blends elegance and charm. Nestled amidst stunning countryside, it provides a picturesque setting for couples to say their "I dos." With its majestic architecture and manicured gardens, Eastnor Castle exudes a romantic ambience that will leave a lasting impression on guests.

One of the standout features of this venue is its state-of-the-art Eastnor Castle Photo Booths. These photo booths are an excellent addition to any wedding, allowing guests to capture beautiful and fun moments throughout the day. Whether it's the Traditional Oval Booth, the Magic Mirror Booth, the Rustic Photo Booth, or the Eco-Friendly Digital Booth, there is a wide selection to choose from, ensuring that every couple can find the perfect fit for their special day.

With our wedding DJ services at Eastnor Castle, we take pride in creating unforgettable musical experiences. Our team of experienced DJs has a vast music repertoire and a keen understanding of creating the perfect atmosphere for each unique wedding. We work closely with couples to curate personalised playlists, ensuring that every song played reflects their love story. Our modern, stylish DJ setup and lighting add a touch of sophistication to the reception. At the same time, our advanced online music request planning system makes it easy for couples to communicate their musical preferences seamlessly.

Our Wedding DJ Services at Eastnor Castle

At Eastnor Castle, our Wedding DJ services are designed to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We understand that every couple has different musical preferences, so we take the time to customise playlists that reflect your unique taste and style. Our extensive music selection process ensures that we have a wide range of genres and artists to choose from. We also stay updated with the latest hits, guaranteeing a fresh and lively atmosphere on the dance floor. With our state-of-the-art equipment and professional DJs, we ensure seamless transitions and top-notch sound quality throughout the entire event. Our team has enjoyed providing music at numerous weddings at Eastnor Castle, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

In addition to our Wedding DJ services, we offer various Photo Booth options at Eastnor Castle. Our Traditional Oval Booth provides a classic and elegant touch, perfect for capturing timeless photographs. For a more interactive experience, our Magic Mirror Booth allows guests to take fun and creative pictures with digital props. If you're looking for a rustic and charming look, our Rustic Photo Booth is the ideal choice. For environmentally-conscious people, our Eco-Friendly Digital Booth offers a paperless option without compromising quality. Whichever Photo Booth you choose, our dedicated staff will assist your guests and ensure everyone has a blast. Your wedding day is a celebration of love and unity, and our Photo Booths are the perfect addition to capture the joy and excitement shared among your guests.


Our Photo Booths at Eastnor Castle

Our Photo Booths at Eastnor Castle provide a delightful and interactive way for guests to capture special moments during your wedding. We offer a range of options to suit your style and preferences, including our famous Traditional Oval Booth, the elegant Magic Mirror Booth, the charming Rustic Photo Booth, and the cutting-edge Eco-Friendly Digital Booth. Each booth has state-of-the-art technology to ensure high-quality prints and a seamless user experience. Our attentive and friendly staff will be on hand to assist with any inquiries and help guests have a fantastic time using the booths. With our Photo Booths at Eastnor Castle, you can be sure that your wedding will be a memorable and fun-filled event.

Adding a Photo Booth to your wedding is a great way to entertain your guests and an excellent opportunity to create lasting memories. Our Photo Booths at Eastnor Castle are designed to blend seamlessly with the venue's aesthetics and ambience, ensuring that they enhance the overall atmosphere of your special day. Whether you and your guests are striking poses with props and accessories or simply capturing candid moments, our Photo Booths will ensure everyone has a blast. Everyone from young children to grandparents will enjoy stepping into our booths and creating unique mementoes to cherish. Make your wedding even more extraordinary with our fantastic Photo Booths at Eastnor Castle.


Why Choose Us for Your Wedding at Eastnor Castle

Regarding your special day at Eastnor Castle, we understand that every detail matters. That’s why our team of experienced wedding DJs is dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable music experience. With a wide range of music genres and styles, we ensure that the soundtrack for your wedding perfectly captures your unique taste and sets the perfect atmosphere for each moment. Our DJs will work closely with you to create customised playlists that reflect your preferences, and we are always open to taking requests from you and your guests throughout the event.

In addition to our exceptional music services, we offer a modern and stylish DJ setup that seamlessly blends into the elegant ambience of Eastnor Castle. Our advanced lighting system adds more sophistication to the dance floor, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that keeps you and your guests dancing all night. With our online music request planning system, you can easily collaborate with your DJ to curate the perfect playlist before your wedding, ensuring that every song played holds special meaning to you.

Our photo booths are another popular choice for couples looking to add a touch of fun and create lasting memories at their wedding. There’s something to suit every style and preference with various options, including the traditional oval booth, magic mirror booth, rustic photo booth, and eco-friendly digital booth. Our photo booths come equipped with high-quality cameras and a range of props, allowing you and your guests to strike a pose and capture hilarious and heartwarming moments throughout
the night.

At Eastnor Castle, we take pride in our expertise, experience, and the personalised approach we bring to each wedding. We aim to make your special day uniquely memorable, and we go above and beyond to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations. From the moment you book our services to the last dance of the night, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and a celebration that you and your guests will cherish forever. Our passion for creating magical wedding experiences makes us the perfect choice for couples looking for an extraordinary celebration at Eastnor Castle.

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What services do you offer for weddings?

We offer wedding DJ services and photo booth rentals for your special day.

How experienced are your wedding DJs?

Our wedding DJs have years of experience in the industry and are highly skilled in creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding.

Can we customise the playlist for our wedding?

Absolutely! We work closely with you to understand your music preferences and create a customised playlist that reflects your style and taste.

Do you provide a consultation before the wedding?

Yes, we offer a consultation session to discuss your vision for the wedding, review your music preferences, and address any specific requests or concerns.

What types of photo booths do you offer?

We offer a variety of photo booths, including classic enclosed booths, open-air booths, and mirror booths. Each option comes with different features and customisation options.

Can we personalise the photo booth experience?

You can personalise the photo booth experience by choosing custom backdrops, themed props, and even adding your wedding logo or monogram to the prints.

How does your photo booth printing work?

Our photo booths provide instant printing, allowing guests to take home high-quality prints as souvenirs from your wedding.

Are the prints unlimited during the rental time?

Yes, all our photo booth rentals come with unlimited prints during the rental time. Your guests can take as many photos as they want.

Are your wedding DJ services and photo booth rentals affordable?

We strive to offer competitive and affordable pricing for our services. Contact us for a personalised quote based on your specific requirements.

How far in advance should we book your services?

It is recommended to book our services as early as possible to ensure availability, especially during peak wedding seasons. Contact us to check our availability for your wedding date.

Do you have backup equipment and DJs in case of emergencies?

Yes, we always have backup equipment and DJs on standby to ensure that your wedding day goes smoothly, even in the unlikely event of any technical issues or emergencies.

Can you provide references from previous wedding clients?

Yes, we can provide references from our satisfied wedding clients upon request. Just let us know, and we will gladly share their experiences.

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