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Flower Wall Birmingham

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Here at Blue Diamond Entertainment, we hire flower walls and flower wall backdrops for any event or occasion.

We have been supplying the entertainment industry with leading services for years and introduced flower wall hire into our range in 2019. 

Flower Wall Hire Birmingham


About Us

We are passionate about meeting our client's needs and helping to create unforgettable events and weddings by providing Professional Wedding DJs, Photo Booths, 360 Video Booths, Illuminated Letters and Numbers and a range of beautiful flower walls.

Our flower walls are high-quality bespoke floral backdrops available in various colours and sizes for weddings, parties, events and corporate functions.

We work closely with our clients to ensure every event and wedding is unique, and. we pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money and consistently delivering on time.

We love what we do and care to ensure that each job is completed to the highest standard. We understand how important it is to receive a product that looks stunning, especially when providing services for weddings.

We hope you enjoy looking around our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Considering a Flower Wall Hire in Birmingham?


A flower wall is one of the most popular ways to decorate a venue. They are perfect for wedding receptions, parties, events, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and product launches. They come in several sizes, colours and different styles of flowers. They are made up using silk flowers.

The Hire price includes delivery, installation and collection. We have full public liability insurance, pat testing certification and risk assessments if required by your venue.

Don't hesitate to contact us today for more information about our range of flower walls.

Flower Walls are a fantastic way to make your wedding reception look amazing. They are easy to install and need no maintenance; you don't have to do anything once it is done. If you want to give your guests something beautiful to remember your big day by, why not consider hiring a flower wall?


Wedding Flower Walls to Hire

We provide high-quality flower wall decor to hire. Flower Walls are great for parties, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. We can also offer corporate events, festivals, concerts, sporting events, graduations, and more. 


Our flower wall hires are perfect for indoor, outdoor, and temporary use. They make a great backdrop to your top table, and for your guests, they are great for photos in the evening. You can hire our flower walls for one day or multiple days. If you want to make your event memorable, we recommend hiring a wedding flower wall for your big day. 

Our flower walls have everything needed to ensure a flawless look for your special occasion. We can provide signage, lighting and even a professional photographer to use your flower wall as a backdrop for amazing photographs of your guests as an alternative to a photo booth.

Consider hiring a wedding flower wall if you want a unique way to celebrate your special occasion. Contact us today for more information about our flower walls.

Flower Wall Hire Kidderminster

If you're planning a wedding, Hire a wedding flower wall.


Our luxury flower walls are perfect for wedding venues because they add colour and life to any space. You want to take advantage of this trend because it looks incredible.

We can create them for weddings and events, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, corporate events, and holidays.

You can use our faux flower wall anywhere you'd like - indoors or outdoors, large or small and in a colour scheme to match your occasion.

We have just what you need if you want something unique and different.


Flower Wall Back Drops in Birmingham

The trend of flower wall backdrops is growing in popularity, especially in Birmingham. We've seen some incredible examples of how people use these decorative displays to make their spaces look even better.

Flower walls can make the perfect photo backdrop at any event.


Corporate Packages

We offer corporate packages for weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc., including everything needed for your event: DJs, photo booths, Illuminated 4ft Letters, 360 Photo Booths, professional photographers, and even videographers. Also, a great range of 2.3m x 2.3m Square Flower Walls. We can also add custom signage to your wall so you can incorporate your brand or message.


University Events

We provide services related to university events such as graduation days and balls, special occasions, graduations, etc. Our backdrop hire service offers a beautiful background for any event. We can supply everything you need to make your affair unique and unforgettable. Our team can provide you with various props that will help create even more memorable events.


Christmas Parties

We can supply a range of services for your Christmas party. These bespoke packages can include everything you need to host a successful party. We can provide you with the best Xmas Party DJs, Xmas Themed Photo Booths, and Brand new 360 spinning photo booths. "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in 4ft Illuminated Letters and our fantastic flower wall backdrops for your guest photos. We can even recommend a photographer or supply one for you. You invite the guests, and we will take care of your entertainment.


Awards Nights

Consider having a flower wall for your awards night or special event. We can supply a red carpet, rope and posts, and a flower wall backdrop with the photographer if required. Professional DJs and hosts, Awards music preparation, podiums, radio mics, projection and screens. We can also provide photo booths or the new 360 spinning video booth. Our goal is to ensure that your awards night is one you will never forget.


Black Tie Parties

A black tie party is formal in which guests dress in tuxedos or cocktail dresses. These events often include live music, a Professional DJ, a Host, dancing, food, drinks, and sometimes even fireworks. They are typically held during the summer months or Xmas and are most popular among couples celebrating anniversaries, engagements, marriages, and other significant life milestones. We can provide you with everything you need for a successful party, including DJs, Photo Booths, 360 Photo Booths, Flower Walls and 4ft Illuminated Letters.


Product Launch

An exclusive product launch will require you to stand out from the norm with our experience and a range of products such as Illuminated letters, Your Company name, Brand or Product. A Photobooth, a 360 booth, or flower walls can help you to create something unique for your launch. We can incorporate custom-made signage into a flower wall, including a neon sign.

People love to take pictures at events, especially when it's unique and fun. We can even help you with a photographer or videographer for your launch. Hopefully, this will increase your event attendance.

Flower Wall Hire Bewdley

Flower Wall For Baby Showers

Having the family for a baby shower event is very popular.

We love providing cheap flower walls for these types of occasions.

The best part about them is that they are all different!

Some people have a big party with lots of food and gifts while others want to spend time with their closest family.

One not through a party, we can provide flower walls for baby showers in pink, blue or a neutral colour.


Flower Wall for Birthday Parties

We can provide a wide variety of entertaining options for your birthday party. Customised packages can include everything you need to host an awesome success party.

We can provide you with the best Party DJ, Photo booths, and brand-new 360-spinning photo booths. "Happy Birthday" is spelt out in illuminated letters, or your age is spelt out in numbers.

Why not consider fabulous floral backdrop walls for guest photos?

We also can suggest a professional photography service or provide one for you.

Invite the guests, and we'll handle all the entertaining for you!

Flower Wall Hire West Midlands

A large flower wall is one of the most popular wedding decoration ideas. 

We have a wide range of flower walls in different sizes and colour themes to suit your theme or occasion. They are a cost-effective way to add something great that looks good, and your guests will enjoy taking photos in front of you.


What do you need to know about hiring one of our flower walls?

A flower wall is a unique and affordable way to ensure every guest notices where the party is being held. A flower wall is a beautiful addition to any event space. A floral wall adds beauty and elegance to any setting, whether a reception hall, hotel ballroom, or outdoor venue.

There is a flower wall for everyone, from simple arrangements to intricate designs. Many different types of flower walls will fit into any wedding. Here are some things to consider when choosing a flower wall vendor.

Our Hiring process is simple: Get in touch and check availability. We will let you know what we can do and then leave the rest to us. We will arrange delivery and installation well before your event and then arrange collection at a time that suits you and the venue.

Flower Wall Hire Birmingham
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