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Mobile Disco Dj in Worcester

Mobile Disco Hire in Worcester

Looking to hire a mobile disco or a mobile dj in Worcesterster?

Blue Diamond Entertainment have been providing mobile disco entertainment and dj's to Worcester and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We are a family based business supplying mobile disco djs to birthday parties, wedding celebrations, weddings, proms, and corporate events.

We have a small team of professional full time mobile disco and wedding mobile disco djs aswell as a few small hand picked experienced nightclub and bar djs. Whatever the occasion we have the best djs to suit your event.

All of our equipment is fully pat tested by a local business who is certified and provides industry standard pat test certificates required by most wedding and entertainment venues.


All of our dj's also have full public liabilty insurance required by most local venues.


We are truely professional in all that we do so you know we can be trusted to suply you with a reliable timely and attentative service aswell as rocking the dancefloor at your event.

There are some importatnt questions or things to consider asking if you are booking a mobile dj in worcester.

  1. What does you equipment setup look like?

  2. Does it look good?

  3. Does it look reliable?

  4. How much experience does the dj have?

  5. What music is the Dj able to play?

  6. Can i choose suggestions for the playlist?

  7. Can my guests choose requests?

  8. Do they have PAT Test certificates?

  9. Are they insured for public liability?

  10. Can they offer any additional services?

  11. How long will it take to setup?

  12. What time will you arrive?

  13. What does the Dj wear at the event?

  14. Do you have backup equipment?

  15. Do I have to pay a deposit?

  16. When is the balance of payment due?

  17. Can I pay cash on the day?

  18. Are you competant using a microphone for announcement?

  19. Do you have any other relevant qualifications or experience?

  20. How many bookings have you done in the last year?

  21. Do you work alone or have someone with you?

  22. What happens if you are sick and can't attend?

  23. Can you suggest other things to make our party better?

  24. Do you offer any additional services?

  25. Are you able to do Karaoke?

  26. Are you able to compare some games?

  27. Can you entertain children?

  28. Can you mix tracks like a nightclub dj?

  29. How much talking on the mic do you do?

  30. Do you drink or smoke whilst working?

Why not give us a call and we would be more than happy to answer these questions and tell you why we think they are important.

Worcester Wedding and Party Venues

There are many great party and wedding venues in worcester, worcestershire. We have worked at many and are prefered suppliers at a number of local wedding venues too.

Some are our favourite venues are Worcester Cricket Ground, Sixways Rugby Football Ground, Wood Norton, Stanbrook Abbey, Curadine Barns, Bordesley Park Farm, Birtsmorton Court, Manor Hill House, Diglis House Hotel, Bank House Hotel, The Peartree Inn.

If you would like any advice about having a party at any of these venues we can help and maybe able to suggest the perfect venue for you.


Wedding Dj Hire in Worcester

We really do excell when it comes to wedding dj hire. We have within our team a number of full time dj's who work exclusively for our wedding clients, performing at over 100 weddings per year. There equipment setup is designed specifically for weddings with white dj booths, white podiums, white disco lights

We can also suply Illuminated 4ft Love Letters. These Love letters are very popular with weddings but we can also supply numbers and individual letters so we are able to do illuminated Prom, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 etc.

Wedding Mobile Disco Music

Music will be so important to the success of your event or wedding reception. It is is why we have invested in an online event music planner system. All of our disco and wedding clients get access to the system witha personal log in. Once logged in you will be able to create playlist suggestions from a database of over 20,000 songs. You can even add songs that are not currently listed and we will ensure we have them for you. You can choose special songs, create must play lists, play if possible lists and do not play lists so we can guarentee that the music is jusy how you would like it.

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