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Outdoor Cinema Hire

Outdoor Cinema Screen Hire

Are you considering getting friends together for an outdoor cinema movie night?


Hire a home movie or garden cinema package from us. 

We can provide everything you need for a perfect outdoor cinema experience, whether just for you, your family or your friends. Get some popcorn and drinks ready to watch your favourite movies, TV programs and sports events underneath the stars. 

We have several free-standing flat projection screens for hire and some extra large inflatable outdoor movie screens in slightly different sizes.

Each screen has a high-definition movie projector and an extensive speaker sound system. The excellent design is large enough to annoy the neighbours if you want, or we can supply silent disco headphones. All the cables connect your DVD player, laptop or other movie-playing devices.

Our hire packages will include delivery, installation and collection unless it is a weekend hire, when it will be delivered only with an installation guide. 


Outdoor cinema hire for garden


Our giant outdoor cinema screen is perfect for a garden party movie night. We will install our 20ft inflatable cinema screen and a great sound system or silent disco headphones in your garden.


We can also provide additional coloured uplighting. 



Outdoor cinema screen size?


Our outdoor inflatable cinema screen size is 20ft.

Our indoor flat cinema screen is 3 metres by 1.5 metres tall.


Can outdoor cinema screens get wet?

There is no problem with the screen getting wet but due to the electricity of the blower, projector and sound system. It cannot be used in the rain.


Outdoor Film Screen

Outdoor cinema screen UK

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