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Shustoke Barn Wedding DJ & Photo Booth Services

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Shustoke Barn, located in the picturesque setting of Warwickshire in the West Midlands, is a stunning venue that provides the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. With its rustic charm and elegant atmosphere, Shustoke Barn offers an enchanting space to celebrate your special day. The venue can accommodate intimate ceremonies and grand receptions, ensuring that every wedding can be tailored to your unique vision. Surrounded by olive trees and adorned with festoon lights, Shustoke Barn creates a magical ambience that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Choosing the right Wedding DJ and Photo Booth services is crucial to enhancing the overall experience of your wedding day at Shustoke Barn. From the moment you step onto the dance floor in your beautiful wedding dress, our expert DJ will curate the perfect playlist to keep you and your guests dancing all night long. With their extensive knowledge of music genres and ability to read the crowd, our DJs will ensure that every moment of your wedding day is filled with joy and celebration. And what better way to capture the memories than with our state-of-the-art Photo Booth? From silly props to striking backdrops, our Photo Booth services provide endless entertainment as you and your loved ones create lasting mementoes of this special day.

• Shustoke Barn is a stunning venue located in Warwickshire, West Midlands
• The venue offers a rustic charm and elegant atmosphere for your dream wedding
• It can accommodate both intimate ceremonies and grand receptions
• Surrounded by olive trees and adorned with festoon lights, it creates a magical ambience
• Choosing the right Wedding DJ is crucial to enhance the overall experience of your wedding day at Shustoke Barn
• Our expert DJs will curate the perfect playlist to keep you and your guests dancing all night long
• They have extensive knowledge of music genres and can read the crowd's preferences
• Capture memories with our state-of-the-art Photo Booth services
• Silly props and striking backdrops provide endless entertainment for you and your loved ones
• Create lasting mementoes of this special day

About Shustoke Barn

Shustoke Barn is a stunning wedding venue in the picturesque countryside, offering couples a romantic and rustic setting for their special day. With its charming red brick exterior and breathtaking surroundings, Shustoke Barn provides a unique backdrop for wedding photography, creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. The spacious layout accommodates intimate and large-scale weddings, ensuring every couple's vision can be brought to life. Whether you're planning a wedding ceremony, reception, or both, Shustoke Barn has the flexibility to cater to your needs and create a memorable experience.

When it comes to wedding planning, choosing the right venue is crucial, and Shustoke Barn offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for couples looking to celebrate their love in a picturesque and rustic setting. In addition to its stunning aesthetics, the venue also offers catering services, ensuring guests have a delectable culinary experience. Accommodation options are also available nearby, allowing you and your loved ones to unwind and relax after the festivities. Don't just take our word for it - previous couples have raved about their experiences at Shustoke Barn, praising the venue for its charm, hospitality, and the seamless execution of their wedding day.

Why Choose Shustoke Barn for Your Wedding

When choosing a venue for your wedding, the unique features of Shustoke Barn make it an exceptional choice. The stunning location and rustic setting of this barn wedding venue create a charming and romantic ambience that is perfect for any wedding ceremony or reception. The venue is adorned with beautiful oak beams that add a touch of elegance to the space, while the spacious dance floor allows for lively celebrations.

One of the advantages of choosing Shustoke Barn for your wedding is the flexibility it offers. Whether you envision an intimate wedding ceremony or a grand celebration, this venue can accommodate your needs. With its versatile layout, you can create a memorable wedding day that perfectly matches your vision.

Moreover, Shustoke Barn provides excellent catering options, ensuring your wedding breakfast is a delectable experience for you and your guests. Additionally, nearby options are available if you require accommodation for your wedding party or out-of-town guests.

Our Wedding DJ Services at Shustoke Barn


When planning a wedding at Shustoke Barn, choosing the exemplary wedding DJ service can make all the difference in creating the perfect ambience for your special day. Our team of experienced DJs understands the unique needs of barn weddings and will work closely with you to tailor the music to your tastes.

Whether you're planning a rustic barn wedding, a boho-inspired celebration, or a winter wedding, our DJs will curate a playlist that reflects your style and keeps your guests on the dance floor all night long. We understand the importance of seamless transitions and creating the right atmosphere for each moment of your wedding, from the bridal party entrance to the first dance and beyond. With our extensive music library and expertise in reading the crowd, we guarantee a night filled with unforgettable moments at Shustoke Barn.

Enhancing Your Shustoke Barn Wedding With Our Photo Booth

When creating lasting memories at your wedding, incorporating a photo booth can be a fantastic addition to your special day. At Shustoke Barn, a stunning red brick barn wedding venue nestled in the scenic Warwickshire countryside, our photo booth services are designed to elevate your wedding experience to new heights.

Imagine you and your loved ones capturing candid moments and striking poses in our sleek and stylish photo booth. Our professional attendants will be there to guide you and ensure that each snapshot is a true reflection of your joy and celebration. With customisable photo strips and a wide selection of fun props, our photo booth is the perfect entertainment option for your Shustoke Barn wedding.

As a bride and groom, your wedding day will be an unforgettable experience, and our photo booth services aim to enhance every aspect. From the excitement of your guests, as they step into the booth to the anticipation of receiving their printed photos, the photo booth adds an element of interactive fun that will keep spirits high throughout the night. So why not make your wedding at Shustoke Barn even more memorable with our photo booth services?

Our Experience at Shustoke Barn


Our experience at Shustoke Barn has been nothing short of remarkable. Nestled amidst the charming countryside of Coleshill, Warwickshire, this rustic barn venue offers a picturesque setting that is truly unmatched. From the moment you step foot onto the grounds, the presence of ancient olive trees greets you, their gnarled trunks standing tall as if to bear witness to the countless love stories that have unfolded beneath their branches.

As wedding DJs and photo booth providers, we have participated in numerous celebrations at Shustoke Barns. The joy and laughter that fill the air as the wedding guests gather under the twinkling lights of the barn for the evening reception is genuinely infectious. The barn exudes a sense of warmth and intimacy, perfectly blending modern elegance with the charm of its historic surroundings. Within these walls, countless couples have celebrated their love, surrounded by the beauty of the farm barns and the love and support of their loved ones.

We have enjoyed witnessing some of the most beautiful wedding moments unfold at Shustoke Barn. From the heartfelt exchange of vows against the backdrop of the ancient olive tree to the lively dance floor where couples and their guests create memories that will last a lifetime, Shustoke Barn has proven time and time again to be the perfect setting for a truly unforgettable wedding. But don't just take our word for it - the glowing testimonials from couples who have chosen to celebrate their special day at this enchanting venue speak volumes about the magic and romance that can be found within its walls.

Our journey at Shustoke Barn continues as we look forward to participating in many more weddings and witnessing the unique love stories unfolding in this idyllic setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Evening Party: Can we have an evening party at Shustoke Barn?

Yes, absolutely! Shustoke Barn is the perfect venue for an enchanting evening party. Its rustic charm, flagstone floors, and beautiful brick barn set the ideal ambience for a lively celebration. Whether you're looking for a Cotswolds wedding, a barn wedding in Warwickshire, or a boho wedding makeup, Shustoke Barn offers a versatile space that can be transformed to fit your vision. The experienced team at Shustoke Barn will work closely with you to ensure your evening party is everything you've dreamed of.

Logistical Questions: How many guests can Shustoke Barn accommodate for a wedding?

Shustoke Barn can comfortably accommodate 150 guests for a wedding ceremony and reception. The barn's wedding venue layout offers ample space for guests to mingle and enjoy the festivities. Additionally, the venue's idyllic location in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside provides a stunning backdrop for your special day. Whether planning an intimate gathering or a more significant celebration, Shustoke Barn has the versatility to meet your needs.

Wedding Planning Tips for Shustoke Barn

When planning your wedding at Shustoke Barn, making the most of the venue's unique features is essential. The private courtyard, for example, provides a picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony. Consider using the colour-changing LED lights to create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Additionally, take advantage of the barn's rustic charm for stunning barn wedding photography. The barn, set against the backdrop of Warwickshire's countryside, offers endless opportunities for capturing beautiful and timeless memories.

To ensure a seamless experience, it's essential to consider the venue's logistics. Remember that Shustoke Barn is licensed for civil ceremonies, offering the convenience of hosting your ceremony and reception in one location. When planning your wedding timeline, make sure to account for the exclusive use of the venue, allowing you and your guests to enjoy a truly private and intimate celebration. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor ceremony, take note of the available space for the DJ setup, ensuring the perfect placement for optimal sound and entertainment throughout your special day.

By considering these wedding planning tips, your Shustoke Barn wedding is bound to be an unforgettable experience. The venue's unique features, picturesque surroundings, and attention to detail will create the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. Start planning today and make your special day one to remember at Shustoke Barn.


Booking Your Wedding DJ & Photo Booth at Shustoke Barn

When booking your wedding entertainment at Shustoke Barn, you want to choose the best services to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. That's where our state-of-the-art Wedding DJ and Photo Booth services come in.

With its rustic charm and stunning surroundings, Shustoke Barn is the perfect venue for couples who dream of a barn wedding full of elegance and romance. Nestled within the beautiful Shustoke Farm, this ancient olive farm has been lovingly restored by Cripps & Co to create a breathtaking space that can accommodate intimate and grand celebrations.

At Shustoke Barn, we understand the importance of choosing the right Wedding DJ and Photo Booth services to enhance the ambience of this unique venue. Our team is experienced in creating the perfect playlist that reflects your style and preferences, ensuring that the music complements the rustic charm of the barns and sets the mood for a magical evening. Additionally, our state-of-the-art Photo Booth provides a fun and interactive element to your wedding, allowing your guests to capture beautiful memories uniquely.

Whether envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our Wedding DJ and Photo Booth services are designed to enhance your Shustoke Barn wedding and leave a lasting impression on you, your friends, and your family. Stay tuned for more details on how to book our services and make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

In conclusion, Shustoke Barn in Warwickshire is a stunning wedding venue around a beautiful olive tree courtyard. With its rustic charm and elegant features, such as the changing LED lighting and copper-topped bar, Shustoke Farm Barns offers the perfect backdrop for your special day. The venue's versatility allows for intimate ceremonies and grand receptions, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests throughout the day.

Choosing the right Wedding DJ and Photo Booth services is crucial in enhancing the ambience of Shustoke Barn. Our experienced team understands this venue's unique atmosphere and can tailor our services to complement it perfectly. From creating the perfect playlist to incorporating special requests, we strive to ensure that the music on your wedding day reflects your taste and sets the tone for an unforgettable celebration. Adding a photo booth to your Shustoke Barn wedding will provide fun and entertainment for your guests and capture precious moments that will be cherished for years.

At Shustoke Barn, we have had the privilege of being a part of numerous weddings, and our clients have consistently praised the exceptional service and atmosphere we bring to their special day. Don't just take our word for it - the testimonials from past couples speak for themselves. Our portfolio showcases the beauty and joy captured at Shustoke Barn weddings, showcasing the unique experiences and heartfelt moments our team has had the opportunity to be a part of.

How can I book Shustoke Barn for my wedding?


To book Shustoke Barn for your wedding, you can contact their event coordinator by visiting their website or calling them. They will provide all the necessary information and guide you through booking.

Can I bring my wedding DJ to Shustoke Barn?


Yes, Shustoke Barn allows you to bring your own wedding DJ. However, they also offer their own professional wedding DJ services that you can choose to enhance your wedding experience.

Are there any restrictions on using a photo booth at Shustoke Barn?

Shustoke Barn does not have any specific restrictions on using a photo booth. However, it is always a good idea to inform the venue beforehand and check if there are any guidelines or limitations regarding the placement or setup of the photo booth.

What is the experience of Shustoke Barn in hosting weddings?

Shustoke Barn has extensive experience hosting weddings and has been a sought-after venue for couples for many years. They have a dedicated team specialising in wedding planning and execution, ensuring a smooth and memorable experience for couples and their guests.

How far in advance should I book my wedding DJ and photo booth at Shustoke Barn?

It is recommended to book your wedding DJ and photo booth as early as possible to secure your preferred date and ensure availability. Shustoke Barn can provide more specific information regarding their booking process and timelines.

Can I visit Shustoke Barn before booking for my wedding?

Yes, Shustoke Barn welcomes couples to visit the venue before making a booking. They offer to view appointments where you can explore the space, discuss your wedding plans, and ask any questions.

Are there any additional wedding planning tips for Shustoke Barn?

Some wedding planning tips for Shustoke Barn include considering the venue's layout for seating arrangements, exploring their recommended vendors for catering and décor, and discussing any specific requirements or preferences you may have with their event coordinator.

Can I change my booking at Shustoke Barn after it is confirmed?

Shustoke Barn understands that wedding plans may change, and they usually accommodate reasonable changes. Communicating any modifications or adjustments to your booking with their event coordinator as early as possible is best to ensure smooth coordination.

What happens if there is bad weather on my wedding day at Shustoke Barn?

Shustoke Barn has both indoor and outdoor spaces available for weddings. In bad weather, they can provide alternative arrangements to ensure your wedding goes smoothly. Discussing this with their event coordinator andgency plan in place is advisable having a contin.

Is there any accommodation available for wedding guests at Shustoke Barn?

Shustoke Barn does not offer on-site accommodation. However, they can provide recommendations for nearby accommodations and assist you in making arrangements for your wedding guests.

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