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What to tip your wedding Dj ?

The answer to this question will be majorly be influenced by the culture and the customs for the individual counrty you are having your wedding in.

In the united kingdom, Unfortunately for us wedding Dj's, it is not something that is expected from either the Bride and groom or the wedding Dj but it is something you can do if you maybe feel they have done an excellent job. We have had weddings, where guests, family or friends have maybe tipped one of our dj's but it is very rare. Sometimes drunk guests wave £20 notes at the Dj, "Its yours if you play my, (often obscure) request next" This is not something we do, Our job is to keep the party going, we are happy to take requests but only play them if and when the time is right during the evening. 

"How much to tip your wedding DJ?"

This is entirely upto you. I am sure even the smallest gesture will be more than appreciated.

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